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Sandra Bell-McGinty, Ph.D.

Have you ever thought…

How is my mind/brain functioning now ?

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Is my memory normal
for my age?

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Do I have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease

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I’m anxious about my memory…should I be?

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A Neuropsychological Exam can answer these questions…

Neuropsychological Evaluations for Adults

Expert evaluation, education, & care

A Neuropsychological Evaluation is an examination of your cognitive abilities and characterizes you how your brain is functioning. Common cognitive issues include: forgetfulness & memory loss, word-finding difficulty, poor attention, and difficulty multi-tasking. Through a comprehensive exam, cognitive changes can be identified, and the reason for the change can often be determined. An evaluation typically involves a review of medical records, an interview, administration of tests, and feedback of results.

Dr. Bell-McGinty not only possesses the expertise to evaluate your cognitive functioning, but also can help you understand why changes have occurred and what can be done at this point to help both the patient and the family.

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What our patients say?

Whenever we seek medical help for ourselves, or for our loved ones, we hope we find someone with ample expertise, a depth of experience, and an understanding of the latest advances and approaches to bring us healing. But really, we seek something else: to find that exceptional doctor that connects through her compassion, and whose treatment is shaped by caring as much as acumen.

We found that doctor in Sandy.

Unfortunately, our family had already been touched by the challenges dementia brings. When we suspected it might be affecting one of our parents, we knew the only person to help us with the initial diagnosis was someone whose clarity and empathy would help us reach a greater understanding, and set us on a practical and clear treatment path.

The time Sandy spent with us, individually and as a family, was invaluable. Her ability to make us comfortable not only allowed her to perform the necessary diagnostics, but to explain what those tests measured, and ultimately, what they meant.

Dr. Bell-McGinty gave us much more than a diagnosis. She gave us reasons for hope, immediate strategies for treatment, and a direct connection to doctors who could help us find our way forward. The care, respect and consideration she showed us remains a standard we hope find again, as we move through this part of our family’s story.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bell-McGinty’s for several years. I was recommended to her by the head of Neurology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, who I trust implicitly.

Dr. Bell-McGinty is, in a word, professional! Additionally, she is caring, kind, and competent. My experience with her is always positive and her calm nature is soothing and reassuring.

I see Dr. Bell-McGinty routinely twice a year and she is always relaxed, very interested in my well-being, and always seems to have plenty of time to spend with me. As you might imagine, it is most helpful to a patient’s state of mind to have a doctor who seems to be eager to spend time reviewing her case.

My husband and I both find Dr. Bell-McGinty easy to talk to, as well as being an excellent listener.