Have You Ever Thought…

Obtaining a baseline of cognitive functioning can tell you how your brain is functioning now.
  • The results can be used for future comparison.
  • A baseline can help identify early signs of trouble or decline in cognitive functioning.
  • Early treatment may be initiated when it may matter most.
  • Memory changes occur as we age.
  • Some memory problems are reversible, so it’s important to know why you are having problems.
  • Memory problems may be due to issues with mood, medications, sleep, or several other factors that are likely controllable, but first need to be identified.
  • Neuropsychological assessment can identify abnormal memory functioning and diagnosis the reason for memory decline.
  • A neuropsychological exam is the most sensitive diagnostic tool to answer this question.
  • Treatment works best when started early, so early diagnosis is important.
  • Memory or other cognitive changes can be worrisome.
  • You might think your memory problems are the beginnings of dementia.
  • A neuropsychological exam can alleviate anxiety by providing facts about your functioning.
  • A neuropsychological exam can reassure many that their cognitive changes are normal for their age and that there is no sign of dementia.